Recently I went off medication for personal reasons. So, I can’t go without 3 days without exercise or my moods go really low.

So, for me it’s just having to step up my game; it’s no longer just as a hobby or just something to blog about, but it’s essential to live life. Now it means that fitness is crucial to me to live, which is scary but also a good thing. Because exercise, no matter how tough the workout is always makes me feel happier, and makes me feel like I’m actually doing something to deal with depression than just taking a pill. Even if I’m not having a good day or didn’t workout as much as I’d have liked, it’s still means I’m trying. And that means a lot more than just giving up. 

Other than increasing serotonin levels, there are so many more bonuses to exercise, for example toned legs and improvements in skin elasticity (trust me, you’ll be thanking yourself when you’re 70!), glowing skin, toned muscles, looking better in the mirror, fitting into those pair of jeans, feeling confident in yourself because you achieved your fitness goal and most importantly feeling happy and healthy inside within yourself. 

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