Here is my first tattoo (and it will be my last!)
I wanted this tattoo because it means a lot to me. I picked the words ‘faith’ and ‘strength’ because I believe that with recovery, running or any goal you want to reach in life faith is what gets you there and strength is what keeps you there. It’s also to pay homage to God and my Christian beliefs and refers to the bible verse “I can do anything in him who gives me strength”,my faith in God means a lot to me as well.
I got it on my inner bicep because there is muscle there and I thought that reflected the theme of strength and also having faith in my body to achieve good that through health and fitness which means a lot to me, also I wanted it to be the first thing I see every morning when I wake up and go to bed at night everyday for the rest of my life and when I’m running or working out to remind me always to keep going and not lose faith in my strength.

Also, it also pays homage to my mother, those words describe the main messages she taught me growing up and being a role model to me to always have faith that things will be okay and have strength when things don’t go okay and to carry on. So, it means a lot to me because it reminds me of someone incredibly important to me who taught me important life lessons and instilled those values in me growing up.

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