Think about this: the only difference between a piece of black coal and a priceless diamond is the amount of pressure that it’s endured. When you stand strong in the midst of the trials and difficulties in life, when you allow God to shape and mold your character, it’s like going from a piece of coal to a priceless diamond. Those difficulties are going to give way to new growth, new potential, new talent, new friendships, new opportunities, new vision. You’re going to see your life blossom in ways that you’ve never even dreamed!

I have currently started my summer holidays (after a whirlwind of exams that felt never ending) and am excited to have some time to myself for the next three months before starting university - the next big chapter of my life. 

I’ve noticed recently in life, that it is so easy for things to get to you and trigger negative emotions. There are many things that people do that can bring up emotions of annoyance or certain situations that feel out of my control that can stir up negative emotions that often lead to downward spirals of sadness. 

The main thing I’ve realised that it is a choice to not let things cause disrupt my emotions or to decide that I don’t have to allow the negative energy in. One of my aims this summer is to enjoy it and in order to do that I have to maintain an inner peace, so here are a few things I’ve learnt in the past year to be able to adopt this:

  1. Ask yourself “Is this negative energy worth allowing in?” - as a human being, you react to things that unsettle you - this can be someone eating your food from the refrigerator to someone making hurtful untrue comments about you. It is so easy to get caught up your emotions and react in anger, but practicing to pause in those moments and reevaluate your emotions and question if it’s worth letting that negativity in, taking a deep breath and moving on can save you a lot of heartache.
  2.  Allow yourself to feel all of your emotions - I used to think that the best way to deal with my problems was by keeping myself constantly busy to keep my mind off them to the point I was avoiding my emotions and it ended up manifesting as inner turmoil later on.
    I feel it’s important to allow yourself some time to sit with yourself and feel those emotions in a healthy way in order to process them. A good way to do this is through meditation, yoga or deep breathing methods to positively think your way through how you’re going to deal with difficult situations you’re facing and use positive steps to find the best possible solutions. 
  3. Maintain a good diet and exercise - Looking after yourself physically creates a feeling of being comfortably settled within ,which can have positive effect on your mood. Simply taking care of yourself by making little changes in your daily life can build up to big effects in how you feel within yourself over time.
  4. Surround yourself with good energy - Basically, do what makes you happy! It can be hard to be in difficult situations where there isn’t a friend to call up to cheer you up and you have to be alone. But, that doesn’t always have to be seen as a negative as it’s possible for you to create an environment that brings you good energy which can through be reading, painting or even watching cat videos on YouTube. It is a good thing to be content by yourself.
  5. Release your emotions - I used to think that bottling up my negative emotions and only focusing on the positive ones was the only way forward to being happy and at peace. But, the truth is, it is perfectly okay to have negative emotions - but it is not okay to refuse to acknowledge them. No one has the right to tell you it is not okay to feel negative emotions and you have to release them in a healthy way to be able to process them to be able to move forward. One good way to do this is to journal out your thoughts which can also help you gain some perspective as well as release. 
  6. Change your perspective - Sometimes it’s hard to deal with other people’s negativity towards you, especially when it is a situation you don’t have a choice to remove yourself from and it’s had a harsh effect on you in life. But, one thing I’ve learned is that as long as I know within myself I have not done anything wrong then I should not be allowed to feel shamed and that the problem is theirs, not mine. Often at times, people transfer negative emotions onto others because they feel unhappy and dissatisfied within themselves and all you can do is have empathy towards them. Because at the end of the day, no person who is truly happy within themselves would say bitter and hurtful things to others unless they were feeling bitter and hurt inside. The best revenge you can have is to not allow the negativity in so they no longer have control over your emotions and you can fully own your peace.

It’s impossible for the past to repeat itself, so let it go.